Who am I?

I am a tea loving woman on a journey of healing and hope.  Antique tea cups, loose leaf tea, my favorite friends and transparency draw me into heart conversations that bring life and breakthrough. Why?  I got sick, I had a nervous breakdown.  Tea offered me lots of smiles and friends offered me comfort as I sat with fragrant bouquets of loose tea leaves, fruit, spices and love.  Through times of tea with friends I found myself calm and cozy.  Having a warm conversation over a warm cup of tea helped save my life.  

I'm just over the hill at the youthful age of 53, a career woman, single mom to two adult children, lover of Jesus and for the first time in my life carrying something that needs to be released to everyone around me, JOY.  This joy comes packed with a double punch of EXPECTANCY. 

Along this journey of conversation and tea we will become fast friends.  I believe in being authentic and vulnerable.  Have I always felt that way?  No way Jose!!  I had a wall as thick as the Wall of China but love crushed me and the H.S. Demolition Team tore down that wall through a lot of heartache, tears and hard work.  Its part of who I am and you will get to know that along the way. 

But let's first start with introductions.  Hi Tea loving Friends!  My name is Brigette 


Grab your cup, sit in your cozy place and lets get real. 

Tuesday Tea.jpg