Fear of the Unknown

Over the past week, my son and I have been watching the Star Wars Movies. Tonight, I wanted to go back and watch Episode III again, Revenge of the Sith. I was especially intrigued with how Anakin, who was on the side of good, could easily be turned to the dark side. One line said something like, "you must let go of what you fear happening", and it jumped out at me.  Throughout the first three movies, fear is highlighted a lot in Anaki's journey to Jedi-hood. Over and over you hear the Jedi Masters refer to the fear in his heart and reference how fear brings confusion to purpose and leads one to the dark side. I thought about my own life and the fears I've held onto in the past. 

Here are a few I can identify. Fear of being harmed, fear of being lied to, fear of being abandoned, fear of not being good enough, fear of not measuring up to others expectations, fear of bringing shame to my family, fear of letting people in, fear of succeeding, fear of failure, fear of being unloveable, fear of not being smart, fear of confrontation, fear of not being believed, fear of not being accepted, and the list goes on.

Eventually, I came to discover that fear is always rooted in a lie.

I think lies are like lint attached to our clothing and to remove it we sometimes have to sit down patiently and pick one piece off at a time. There can be a lot of it and the pieces can be tiny. It can be overwhelming. As we start to pick off the pieces, we see it is possible for our garment to look fresh and clean again. Not worn and raggedy. When it comes to the washing and renewing of our mind, however, the Word is like a lint brush that brushes over the lies removing them with one determined swoop.

Determination is needed to be diligent at picking and brushing off lies as soon as we recognize them.   Once we suspect or discover a lie we should sit and examine it, weighing it against truth. This is important because lies create fear and fear is what stops us from taking risks and pursuing the good future God has for us. Lies and fear can paralyze us. I know this far to well. When I was 23 years old I was abandoned, I was living with my boyfriend and he left the house one day and never came back. Fear gripped my heart and the lie that I was unloveable and disposable along with childhood lies, manifested in my life through anxiety. I believed, beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I drove my car 1 inch to the right, or 1 inch to the left, on the highway, I would be in an accident. There were days I couldn't leave my house because I was in bondage to anxiety. I drove myself to the emergency room on several occasions and had thousands of dollars in ambulance bills due to lies and fear. It wasn't until after God rescued me with His love that I began my journey to peace and freedom.

To dispel the lies I believed, I had to take action and so do you if you are living with any type of fear that is holding you back from fulfilling your dreams and purpose. Picking apart what are truths and what are lies is necessary to overcome and live victoriously.  Letting God examine our hearts and sift the lies is crucial to our purpose and the only thing that can sift the lie is His Word. When I started picking apart lies I knew I had to stop the record in my head that kept playing them over and over. I memorized 2 Corinthians 10:5 and Philippians 4:6-9. I would quote them out loud when I recognized a lie floating around in my head. Recently, a saying that has helped me in my battle to overcome lies is, "It's none of your business." I know that is a funny one but it helps me a lot when I'm trying to figure things out and I'm making assumptions.  There are times assumptions can be based on lies that eventually create fear.

This is what I think about fear.   I think fear has an agenda to influence the future by making us anxious about things we have no foreknowledge of, or how they will turn out.  Past hurts, accidents, loses etc are just that, in the past, but we can carry them into the future through fear. Why do we do this?  Why, when the God, who created the heavens and the earth sees us and has equipped us for every good work?  Why, when God has given us authority to advance His Kingdom on earth that He may be glorified through the spiritual gifts and talents He has given us?  What is holding us back? What is keeping us silent? It is lies and fear. Knowing that, don't you just want to jump up, brush it off and kick it to the curb? Me too, so let's ask God a question. Take a moment, to ask and listen, be ready to write down what you hear.

Father God, what lie am I believing that is keeping me silent or stagnate in my purpose? What lie am I believing that is keeping me from trusting and believing you?

Write down what you heard and let's break that lie and brush it off. Pray this prayer.

Father God, I repent for coming in agreement with the lie that _________________________, I break off that lie in Jesus name. I cover the lie with the Blood of Jesus and send it to the cross. I brush that lie off, and ask you Father to replace it with the truth. What is the truth Father?

Write down what you heard and declare that truth over yourself until you have it deep in your heart and the lie no longer has no power over you.

This is my summary of what happened to Anakin.  He had a vision, he made an assumption, he carried the pain of his mothers death into his future and was fearful he would experience the loss of his wife who he loved.  Out of fear, he took matters into his own hands playing God.  The enemy made him feel powerful and in control of his destiny but through rebellion against his mentor and teacher (Obi-wan), he was crippled and deformed.  He lived the rest of his life, carrying his brokenness, behind a mask, driven by anger and revenge.  

This sounds a little like real life and it is scary. It is scary because I have been there through different scenarios, from time to time, throughout my healing journey with the Lord . What is scariest though is I didn't recognize it was happening until my heart hurt so bad from bitterness I was stuck in what my fear had created, broken relationships and a fractured ministry, hiding behind a mask. God reached for His lint brush and began to brush off the lies to again, reveal the beauty of who He created me to be and the beautiful garment He designed for me to wear.  He rescued me from myself and a future filled with the fear of being a failure.

For that I am thankful and say, "May the Source be with you."  The Source of truth, love, freedom, healing, hope and victory.  My He guide you into wisdom and understanding, life and peace!