Hot Tea & New Beginnings

January is National Hot Tea Month and the calendar month for New Beginnings.

I love tea. It makes me happy. As I think about celebrating it throughout the month, I get giddy. The thought of exploring a new tea every day in honor of National Hot Tea Month is the best thought ever. The possible variety of dainty teas and strong robust teas excites my pallet. You may have noticed from previous blogs that tea takes me on an abundance of adventures. My imagination explodes with scenes and far away places. I just can't help it, tea takes me on wild journeys. With each blog I write comes a sense of intrigue and a mischievous smile as I anticipate what is coming next.

I wonder that as we enter 2021 as well. What is coming next? The historic times we are living in took us by surprise. One day we were having fun and visiting with friends over tea, and the next we were in lock down, "shelter in place". Throughout the day today I've been thinking about the movie, "The Truman Show", it's interesting because I have never seen it in its entirety, I have only seen the last 40 minutes or so. I remember Truman finding his way out of the set and discovering he had been deceived and manipulated. Everyone knew what was going on but him. I am relating to that right now and can see many similarities within current events that are mirroring what I saw in the movie, (I'm definitely going to have to watch it beginning to end). It is a funny and suspicious comparison but as you know, my imagination gets the best of me from time to time. In the movie there is a quote by Christof that says, "We accept the reality of the world with which we're presented..."

Drinking a different tea every day of this month might not be a reality but I know one thing that is, my relationship with Jesus. The reality of God being for us and with us and in us is a truth and reality that has changed my life. I was lost but have been found, I was dead but now am alive. My heart is full, my mind at rest. My tea cup runneth over and the life that is in me is a river flowing out of me.

I remember the first time I felt the tangible love of God. It was in a tiny church in San Juan Bautista named Glad Tidings. The Pastors, John and Jo Amelio live with the love of God oozing out of them. Their smiles are contagious, their arms welcoming. When I attended for the first time I had no idea what was ahead of me, much like today, but the seeds planted in that little church was the hope I needed to know there was something better than addiction and the promiscuity that led to depression and the termination of multiple pregnancies.

It's interesting how the beginning of a new season and a good cup of tea bring memories of hope. Regardless of where we are, there is always hope. Because of the seed of love planted in my heart at Glad Tidings Church, I was able to eventually overcome and heal from a depth of pain. Expecting the, "something better", was a driving force to bridge me from my past into my future. That is a gift I want to give you today, the affirmation that there is a something better for all of us, if not here on earth, in our new home in heaven. I want to ask this question, "What is the something better you are holding on for?" Whatever it is write it down and come up with a plan to achieve it. One step at a time or one leap at a time, the something better is within your reach and here is a nugget for you to hold onto, the something better IS God's plan for you. God always is in the something better because the something better leads you closer to Him. The something better is a step up the ladder and that means there is momentum. Momentum in our journey to healing and freedom.

This month to celebrate National Hot Tea Month, I'm doing a give away. You will be entered in a drawing for a Owl tea infuser, (its super cute!), a bag of Vanilla Cupcake Rooibos Looseleaf tea and a single serve container to hold looseleaf tea in. To enter the drawing you just need to invite a friend to subscribe to my blog. Invite someone who you know can use the encouragement. ** When they subscribe instruct them to type, " (your name here) sent me." Maybe the blog will encourage them to reach for their something better.

As we celebrate National Hot Tea Month and a new fresh beginning together, remember, God's best for you is within your reach. The saying, "the best is yet to come" is meant to encourage people to stand in the knowing there is something better. When you stand, empowered by this understanding, you will stand confident and in peace.

An interesting tidbit about Glad Tidings Church. Glad Tidings church is where I first encountered God as a broken junior high student who was smoking pot and drinking. In High School I had a friend who was a christian, she was mentored by a woman, Ramona Renfrow (who eventually began mentoring me), who was Jo Amelio's sister. Eventually I completely surrendered my life to the Lord and 30 years later became the CEO of the Crisis Pregnancy Center that was founded by Tony and Naomi Schneider, Ramona and Jo's parents. Read that again! God brought Jo into my life, 10 years later her sister Ramona into my life and without them knowing it, they were sowing seeds that would eventually be watered and grow into the woman I am today, to serve and love our community at the missions outreach center their parents founded. Only God!