Tea & Romance

Tea just seems to make everything better. It carries us to romantic and exotic places around the globe. When I think of romance I think of being wooed into a dance of effortless movements, skirts softly swaying and men boldly leading. A dance between lovers is a romantic illustration of the ebb and flow of grace, trust and vulnerability. I’m reminded of a song titled, “Dance with Me”. The lyrics of this song tip toe around in my head. I am love struck. I can’t help but feel childlike, light hearted and infatuated as I sing this love song to the One who has captured my heart and attention.

Tea and romance truly do go hand in hand. Stories of old light our path into mystery, innocent teasing, inquisitive searching and negotiations of the heart. Jumping on the train of adventure I go as my imagination takes off. I see myself sitting in the dining car enjoying high tea while admiring the beautiful country hillside, lush with grape vines and olive trees. I’m approached by a striking man with chestnut hair, deep set eyes and a perfectly trimmed beard. He stands confident. The atmosphere changes with every step he takes. I feel a weight begin to shroud me with anticipation. Asking if he can join me, I shyly reply, “yes”.

Gentleness and compassion exude with each word he speaks, inquisitively he discovers where I’ve been and where I am heading. At times his questions pierce my heart causing me to examine where I have landed at this very moment of my life. I find myself thirsty, parched. “May I get you a drink of water?” he asks. “Yes, please”, I respond. As I’m handed the glass his hand gently brushes mine and my eyes are suddenly open recognizing him as the One who can satisfy my thirst and my hunger. I wonder, “Is it possible that this encounter is a divine encounter with the One I’ve been searching for?” “Is it possible, my heart’s desire, to be loved, to love, to be known and heard is being fulfilled right here, right now?”

I open my eyes. My surroundings are familiar. Tea cup in hand, I’m in my cozy chair. Drifting, drifting. Romance me, oh, lover of my soul, to the song of all songs. How easy it is to sit with a cup of tea and be taken into a place of serenity. A good place to be, to hide, to shelter myself from the tension, hostility and fear that is consuming so many around us. As tensions rise during this colossal confrontation between righteousness and lawlessness I drift deeper. Romance me Lord! Sweep me into your arms of safety. Keep me close, close to the rhythm of your heartbeat that lets me know I am alive in you and loved by you. I need you.

What do you need today? Who is Christ to you today? Do you need a comforter, a friend, a teacher, a counselor? Do you need to sit and unwind? To let the events of the day slide off your shoulders and release unrealistic expectations? If so, the Lover of your soul is waiting to meet you. He says, “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28. Through this scripture He is wooing you into a promise of rest. He is waiting to carry your burdens and sweep you into a romance with Him. Are you ready? Are you willing? Grab your tea, your blanket, your Bible and notebook. Sink into your cozy spot and dive into the most romantic story of a lifetime.

Allow yourself to be swept into this romance of love. You will ease into a rest that heals and restores. As you sit with your cup of tea, enjoy this song. Close your eyes and picture yourself being led into a graceful dance of being loved and known. Embrace the best romance you can ever experience. Love, Himself, is waiting for you.