The Beauty of Transformation

Skip a little, dip a little, trip a little…I’m back! I hate to admit it but last week I flaked. I had a long week, actually, a few, long weeks. What I found, in the midst, however, was structure and organization. My life is in the middle of a ginormous transformation and I’m exhausted and full of joy all at the same time!

As I went to unwind with my Rose Tea this morning, I had a thought, “the process of a blossoming Rose is a beautiful illustration meant for everyone who has ever felt bound and pressed, insecure or broken.” My thoughts jumped to the blooming tea we talked about a few weeks ago. The blooming tea, when exposed to hot water begins to open and reveals its inner beauty. So, it is with our lives, and from the small bud of a Rose one of the most treasured and delightful floral beauties emerges whose colors can symbolize love, friendship and innocence.

I tried to unpeel the bud of a rose once, quite unsuccessfully, I should add. The bud was very tight and the petals were pressed together. I tried peeling the petals back to no avail and ended up damaging them. The petals were ruined, the rose ended up being destroyed. I discovered that a rose, forced to open before its time, can be damaged and broken, it’s true beauty never to be discovered. Sometimes I feel that way when the pressure to conform to others’ expectations tug on me. I’m left torn, confused, insecure and doubting my personal journey to health and wholeness. Have you ever tried influencing a person’s journey based on your own in a way that causes them to doubt the validity of their unique path? Have you ever felt you couldn’t measure up to others’ expectations to the point you wanted to run the opposite direction as fast and as far away as you could go?

Transformation is hard. It is a metamorphosis of change from who we are into who we are becoming. It brings us through to the next level and stage of our beauty, our identity and our true unique selves. I think transformation is a significant and note-worthy season that should be celebrated. By us and by others. There are special highlights that deserve to be complimented and cheered for. Part of community and family is celebrating each others victories.

This is hard, sometimes. How many times do you hear a woman compliment and celebrate another woman? How many times do you hear a person go out of their way to say, “good job” or “well done”. “I believe in you, you can do it!” Truth is, we have a hard time complimenting each other and an even harder time receiving compliments and being celebrated. For this reason, I’m going to teach you two words to keep in your vocabulary for such times. Are you ready? The two words are, “thank you”.

I know, I know, you learned to say please and thank you as a toddler. But have you forgotten that it is o.k. to say thank you after a compliment? Too often we dismiss a compliment and fumble to say a sincere thank you because we have already negative self-talked ourselves right out of thinking we are worth it.

Sister! You deserve it and you most definitely are worth it! When you are complimented put a smile on your face and say thank you, regardless of whether or not you believe it and maybe feel like you are going to throw up. You do not have to believe it, just believe in the person who is giving you the compliment. Believe in their sincerity and love and courage to bless you with words of life. You are a blossoming rose and every step of the blossoming in your life deserves to be complimented and celebrated because you overcame and got through it. That tight bud of your broken heart, low self-esteem, fear, it is being loosed and is blossoming into a reflection of divine beauty. You will never be too old or broken to go through transformation. Transformation is something we go through daily and it brings us from the glory to glory that God promises in His word. He tells us that this process of growth and life is from Him and He wants to be a part of it with you. It is the coolest thing in the world! Creator and you going from the ashes of brokenness to the beauty of holiness. 

Today I am highlighting Rose Petal, floral herbal tea. Why? Because it reminded me of all of you. As you overcome, grow and never give up,  as you wash yourself in the Word and choose kindness and love, you become a fragrance. You blossom and carry the beauty of the Lord. This beauty is a comforting salve to the hearts and souls of every life you touch. For that I would like to compliment you by saying. “You are an amazing beautiful woman of kindness and love!”