The Beauty of Undertones

I bought a new tea from Trader Joe's this week, it is named, Mint Watermelon Flavored Black Tea. I no longer purchase bag tea from the grocery store but the pastel pink and green tin called to me, demanding my attention. The watermelon on the front of the can caused my mouth to salivate as my heart sunk with the thought of summer ending. A summer tea as fall is about to begin? Yes! I had to try it so in the basket it went. The back of the can states, in super adorable graphics, "We're Mint To Be In Your Tea!" This tin is soooooo cute and to add to my excitement the blend includes black tea from Indonesia, spearmint from the Pacific Northwest and dried watermelon. My mouth is starting to salivate, yet again. 

It sits on my desk, unopened and as the tin is very aesthetically pleasing, it makes me smile. This tin is a keeper, but is the tea inside just as wonderful? I look at it and think about the undertones of mint and watermelon. I imagine cradling a warm mug in my hands as watermelon and mint rise to greet my nostrils. I think I might be in tea heaven.

Writing today comes through the overflow of a grateful heart for undertones. One definition of undertone is, "an underlying quality or element: undercurrent" and last night something beautiful happened where the undertones of my life, met the awe and wonder of God.

I collapsed into my oversized new treasure of a chair. It was a gift and is cozy and comfy, crafted from high quality wood and upholstered with a rich red, royal fabric. I settled in, hit play on my eighties boom box and soaked. Serenity filled the atmosphere as I worshipped and loved on God. Soon He began to love on me back and took me places that brought joy, pain, repentance and freedom.  Now, reflecting on the beautiful tin and tea in front of me, I realize a little more about the undertones of life. Some are sweet and subtle, waiting for an opportunity to serve, to love well. Others are not so sweet. They may be hidden, they may be afraid, but God, in His right time, begins to sift them to the surface for a reveal party. An undertone reveal party. Last night was one of His famous reveals and I thought, how fortunate and blessed I am that the undertones that make up my life do not go unnoticed but are searched for, tasted, seen. I saw wholeness, I saw the compassion of God for every fractured part of my being as well as His heart of celebration for the places of surrender, as Savior, He has carried me into. 

The undertones of life are beautiful and compliment God's workmanship in our lives. Although sometimes stinky to man, I imagine to God they can be a fresh fragrance of change and surrender when He knows, we are standing on His promise to rescue us from the mired fracture of our soul.

Last night, undertones in my life became infused with the presence of God.  There was a merging into wholeness and freedom I didn't know was possible.  When I took a foot out of the past to step into the future, our worlds collided and my undertones became a fragrance of Christ. 2 Corinthians 2:15 says, "For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing." 

I see the beauty of undertones to be the intention of God that every aspect of our lives be available to glorify Him as a fragrance. The good, the bad AND the ugly. As we walk as salt on earth we drip the flavor of our undertones and if blended correctly, that flavor can change the world around us.