It's Tea Time!

This coffee loving girl is turning her world upside down in the pursuit of health, wholeness and the Essence of Tea.

“I repented and cried out for a taste bud fantasy through tea.”

Tea? Yes!  With all the various tea companies, specialty teas, flavors of tea and personalized tea recipes it is possible to drink a different tea every day of the year, heck, maybe every day of your tea drinking life.

As I begin my tea journey I wonder where it is going to take me. I am amazed by the varieties and availability of tea and now that tea is in the forefront of my thoughts, I’m excited to explore its flavors, aromas and substantial health benefits.

I was never really a risky tea drinker, I was satisfied with my generic store bought black tea. I love the flavor of black tea, with just a touch of sugar or honey I was in heaven. Morning, night, it didn’t matter to me, it was my go to comfort drink. When I moved out of my parent’s house and started the journey of “adult” grocery shopping, I was awakened to the wide variety of retail tea, readily available at the grocery store. That was 31 years ago and today I am amazed by the increasing creative recipes and marketing for the life-giving drink that wooed me years ago. I am guilty of purchasing tea in the pretty packaging, tins and cool triangle bags.

Now, I have a confession! I took a few years off from tea, about 20. It stemmed from the day that changed my life. The day I betrayed my beloved tea and gave into the seducing, alluring, aroma of coffee. As an ex party girl of the 80’s I immediately knew what all the coffee hype was about after my first sip. I zipped here and zipped there, productive and full of energy. I was awake and satisfied and that is when my love affair began, but to my demise, coffee was not my friend and from then on it has been a love hate relationship. So, in my quest for health, beautiful skin and a happy, happy internal machine that fuels my heart, brain, liver and other vital organs, I repented and cried out for a taste bud fantasy through tea. To give you a little insight into my pain, I am a dark roasted girl. I love a dark strong cup of coffee in addition to an very occasional dark beer. I am a pumpernickel girl and lean towards the dark side when it comes to my chocolate.

K, nuff said, now you understand why I’m on this journey of discovering tea and why it is going deep. I’m a coffee loving, wired, emotionally drained, dehydrated wreck, and on this journey of tea, my life is going to be refreshed. You’ll see as you witness my transformation into a courageous tea loving fanatic that will sprint into antique shops and laugh with my friends at the local tea house. Join me on my journey! We will fast become friends, traveling companions and tea connoisseurs.